An Economic Study of Agricultural Investment in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University


This research aimed to investigate the efficiency criteria of agricultural investment in Egypt. It involved an examination of the evolution of agricultural investment and the underlying factors influencing it. The goal was to understand how investment in the Egyptian agricultural sector has evolved over time and to analyze the factors impacting it. Additionally, the research aimed to estimate the efficiency standards of agricultural investments to assess how effectively these investments achieve their objectives while minimizing costs.
Furthermore, the study explored the relationships between economic factors and agricultural investment by analyzing the correlations between various economic variables and investments in agriculture.
The research findings revealed that unit root tests for the standard model variables exhibited instability at both their initial levels and their first differences. However, they stabilized when their second difference was considered. Moreover, the results indicated a balanced relationship between the variables under study, suggesting that they interacted in a harmonious manner without significant deviations from expected values.
Notably, the research highlighted that government agricultural investment had a more substantial impact on agricultural domestic product compared to private agricultural investment. The coefficient value for government agricultural investment was approximately 0.20, whereas the coefficient for private agricultural investment was around 0.11.